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16/7/2009 Title Medical Specialty Orthopaedics.
1990 - 1996 School of Medicine, Medical University Sofia, Bulgaria, grade
Very Good.


19-20/3/2009 Locking Nailing Training Visit, Strasbourg, Prof.Taglang.

31/1/2009 1o International Orthopaedic Symposium knee, Athens.

29/11/2008 Seminar: Principles of intramedullary nailing Diafysiakon
Femoral-Tibial fractures, Athens.
8-11/11/2008 64th Hellenic Orthopaedic Conference, Athens

21-22/6/2008 3rd Seminar "Advances in Orthopaedics," Mytilene.

05/04/08 XXVIII Congress of SITEMSH, Delphi.

29/2-1/3/2008 3o Scientific Seminar E.E.M.M.O. "Tissue Reaction to Orthopaedic Implants ", Pelion.

26/2/2008 Roundtable "Back Pain", CAT.

19-10/10/2007 intensive educational weekend in college Greek Orthopaedic
Surgeons EEXOT.

9-13/10/2007 63rd Panhellenic Orthopaedic Congress, Athens.

9-11/11/2006 1st Annual Seminar on "Distal Radius Fractures: Todays Treatment", Athens.

3-7/10/2006 62nd Panhellenic Orthopaedic Congress, Athens.

20-23/9/2006 20th Congress of the European Society of the Shoulder and Elbow (ESSSE),

30/6-2/7/2006 Multithematic Peripheral Conference North Aegean, Mytilene

27-30/4/2006 25th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic and Traumatology Society
Macedonia-Thrace, Kastoria.

21-24/11/2005 AO Course: Principles of Operative Fracture Treatment, Sofia, Bulgaria.

18-20/11/2005 Annual Conference of the Department of Reconstructive Surgery Hip-Knee
E.E.CH.O.T. of Athens.

12-15/10/2005 61st National Conference + Orthopaedic Residents Seminar, Athens.

14-16/4/2005 2nd Panhellenic Congress of the Department of Shoulder and Elbow E.E.CH.O.T., Athens.

19/3/2005 Seminar "arthroscopic techniques Syndesmoplastikis
The ACL with the System Buttonhole Soffix », Athens.

17-19/12/2004 3rd Symposium necrotic lesions Bone Frame, Athens.

6-9/10/2004 60th Panhellenic Orthopaedic Congress, Athens.

15-19/10/2003 59th Panhellenic Orthopaedic Congress, Athens.

13-15/6/2003 15th Regional Seminar of Orthopaedic Central West Macedonia
3/4/2002 Scientific Conference "postoperative Adhesions: Latest data"
14/12/1996 8th Postgraduate Course of stinOgkologia Digestive System