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Degenerative arthritis - What is it?

This is almost normal situation in old age.
As we face the disease, when occurring early age of 45 years. Also when presented with a lot of pain or swelling in some joints.
Osteoarthritis arthritis or otherwise.
As we grow in our appearance presented some changes. So bleach our hair, wrinkles appear on our skin and other signs of age.
But inside our body changes occur. Among them is the damage that happens to our joints, depending on how we've used. How quickly would be destroyed and to what extent, depends on what we do.
So if, for many years we are overweight, if not physically active and if we do some professions that suffer the joints, we were quickly destroyed. And problems occur earlier and more strongly.
The degenerative arthritis occurs with pain in the joints and sometimes they swell and warm. The pain usually occurs after the afternoon or after a long day. People who have degenerative arthritis in the morning waking up without pain, unlike what you have inflammatory arthritis. In some cases you may experience some morning stiffness, a difficulty that is to move the joints. TREATMENT
The orthopaedist can easily tell you if you suffer from degenerative arthritis. Obtaining a good medical history and some radiographs of joints affected, guide the physician in diagnosis.
The condition is treated with some medicines, physiotherapy, exercise and control of body weight. Additionally it seems to help significantly spas ..
As for medicines, treatment begins with simple painkillers. If the treatment does not control the pain or if there are signs of inflammation, the doctor may give anti-inflammatory. These are more pronounced inflammatory analgesic effect and more problems. Should be taken with caution, according to the instructions, and for as little time as necessary.
If you do not pay, and this treatment, the doctor can sometimes be done and cortisone injections. The cortisone like any other drug is both good and bad. If used correctly is very good and least harm. Contrary, if abused, they have little benefit with many side effects.
Adding physiotherapy, some exercises and where possible, spas, there is less need for medication. If you keep the weight of our body to a level close to normal, even put a brake on the process of destruction of joints.
Some substances that can not be classified as drugs, can relieve the patients even more.
Can the patient takes them orally or be injected into joints.
There are actually serious side effects. It should be emphasized that, do not change the course of wear, not least important. Mostly they give the patient a better quality of life and with less medication. Can that using these substances do not need medication for some time.
We can feel good with less medication? Yes, by doing the following:
To keep your weight close to normal, do some exercise regularly (even the gym that we learn in school is good), to walk regularly in the summer to swim even with a life jacket if you do not know swimming. Physiotherapy and spa help considerably to feel better man.
To avoid the inconvenience of our joints. Do not confuse the gym with monotonous fatigue. When you need to do a job that will just tired a part of our body, then that beset the rest of our body stays lazy. Either overwork nor inaction make good on our joints. A good solution would be to do a little work to do then something else and come back to finish our work. (Eg it is not necessary to clean a whole house or garden piece. He can do little by little, with breaks, or doing something else in between.)
In this way, most people benefit greatly and does not take many medications.
Certainly, when osteoarthritis is prochorimeni some can not feel good without drugs.
Treatment of osteoarthritis prochorimenis, not antapokrinetai a conservative treatment is surgical: osteotomies, arthroplasties (replacement of worn surfaces of joints with artificially items).